The potential for online writing center work is directly affected by available and evolving technology platforms. At times, technology can limit what is possible. In other cases, technology can re-define online consultations entirely. For example, collaborative technologies like Google Docs have introduced the revolutionary idea that students can be present for and active in asynchronous appointments (Moberg, 2010; Schultz, 2010), blurring the boundaries between asynchronous and synchronous consulting support.

In a recent IWCA survey, respondents were interested in learning the pros and cons of different technological platforms used for online writing center work. As a response to this need, this session will engage attendees in conversations regarding the successes and failures of asynchronous and synchronous technologies in their local contexts. This session focuses both as a roundtable for online consulting platforms and as a special interest group for online writing center work more broadly. In addition to discussion, attendees will be briefly introduced to the Online Writing Centers Community and invited to participate in shaping future resources and support.


Dembsey, J. M. (2019, April). Evolving technologies in online writing center work. East Central Writing Centers Association. University of Dayton. Dayton, OH.