Virtual Presentation



Over the years, several articles have questioned and considered how writing centers can better meet the needs of students with disabilities. Unfortunately, many of these articles focus on accommodations for individuals, rather than an evolution for writing centers. In addition, much of the literature discusses disability in a way that “others” these students, omits their perspectives, and encourages consultants to see and treat them as “more different” than everyone else (Hitt, 2012). Writing center staff must wade through this literature and separate the problematic from the well informed. This takes both time and knowledge of accessibility that many may not have. In addition, the larger writing center field has yet to demonstrate what preparing for difference can look like.

This individual presentation will overview a few ways that the larger writing center field can evolve in regards to accessibility and disability. The presenter will use examples from disability studies to analyze how writing center conferences and publications can be more accessible to members with disabilities. The presenter will then overview problematic writing center literature on disability and suggest helpful, informed readings for attendees.


Dembsey, J. M. (2019, April). Evolving with access: An analysis of accessibility in the writing center community. East Central Writing Centers Association. University of Dayton. Dayton, OH.