Webinar Recording

Presentation Materials

Synchronous Training Materials

You are welcome to use, share, or modify the following synchronous training activities:

  1. Example Synchronous Consultation Video (YouTube) and Consultation Transcript (Google Docs)
  2. Observation and reflection activity (Google Docs)
  3. Multimodal strategies and scenarios activity (Google Docs)
  4. Instructions for first mock synchronous consultation (Google Docs)
  5. Check-in meeting agenda and technology troubleshooting activities (Google Docs)
  6. Text-chat analysis activity (Google Docs)
  7. Text-chat practice and revision activity (Google Docs)

For an overview of the training program I designed, please see my Training Modules for Synchronous Writing Consulting.

Webinar Abstract

Is your WC going online in the fall? Are you utilizing your online tutoring tools more than ever before? Do you have questions about how to do this well? IWCA is sponsoring a webinar that may be able to help.

Join us for an event that will focus on the nuts and bolts of synchronous and asynchronous tutoring, and online communication tools you can use to connect to your staff and to your writers. Our presenters have had significant experience with online tutoring and want to share their work with you.

Below is the schedule:

  • 11:30: Introductions
  • 11:35: Dan Gallagher and Aimee Maxfield presentation about asynchronous tutoring
  • 11:50: Jenelle Dembsey presentation about synchronous tutoring
  • 12:05: Megan Boeshart and Kim Fahle presentation about communication technologies useful for facilitating online tutoring work
  • 12:20: Open for Q&A


Dembsey, J. M. (2020, July). Synchronous consulting in the writing center. Online Tutoring: Tips, Tricks, and Advice from Those Who Have Been There [webinar]. International Writing Centers Association.