J. M. Dembsey


About Me

My name is Jenelle M. Dembsey (pronounced “dem-see”), but I prefer to be cited as J. M. Dembsey. The purpose of this site is to share my work for the benefit of other writing center consultants and administrators. I believe information should be available and accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to attend conferences or purchase journals.

Please email me (dembsejm@MiamiOH.edu) if you have questions about my work or my center or if I can make anything on this site more accessible.

Background and Interests

I’ve worked in writing centers since 2010, as an undergraduate consultant, graduate assistant, and now full-time administrative staff. I specialize in online writing centers (both asynchronous and synchronous), and I’ve been working with online consulting programs since 2012. I co-coordinate the Online Writing Centers Community to establish online writing centers as an area of study. I also study accessibility and Universal Design.

Currently, I am the Coordinator for Technology and Accessibility at the Howe Center for Writing Excellence (HCWE) at Miami University.  I co-developed our online consulting services in Fall 2015 and continue to coordinate online writing appointments, train online consultants, and collaborate with online faculty. I also edit our website content and support the HCWE and faculty in accessible document design.

Curriculum Vitae

Use the links below to navigate through the HTML version of my curriculum vitae.