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Overall Online Appointments

Our first year of online consulting in 2015-16 was highly successful with 337 total online appointments. Each semester (excluding Winter) resulted in more online appointments than the previous. This increase in numbers has continued to the 2016-17 academic year, with Fall 2016 having the highest number of online appointments (144) so far in one semester (see Figure 1). We have already reached 43% of our total for last year, with 2 high-traffic semesters to go.

Asynchronous consulting remains the most commonly scheduled appointment type, but the two online mediums are becoming more evenly scheduled. Fall 2016 has seen the highest number of synchronous appointments (61) in one semester, coming just 6 appointments shy of the total synchronous appointments for the 2015-16 year (67). The percentage gap between asynchronous and synchronous appointments has also decreased from 60% overall last year to 16% in Fall 2016.

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Figure 1. Online Appointment Numbers for Fall 2016 and 2015-16.

Image Description. Figure 1 is an infographic with a vertical bar graph, to the left of 2 pie graphs. The bar graph compares the number of synchronous and asynchronous appointments per semester:

  • Fall 2016: 144 total online appointments, with 61 synchronous and 83 asynchronous.
  • Summer 2016: 135 total online appointments, with 33 synchronous and 102 asynchronous.
  • Spring 2016: 124 total online appointments, with 15 synchronous and 109 asynchronous
  • Winter 2016: 18 total online appointments, with 3 synchronous and 18 asynchronous
  • Fall 2015: 60 total online appointments, 16 synchronous and 44 asynchronous

The pie graphs show the following data:

  • Fall 2016: online appointments were 58% asynchronous and 42% synchronous
  • 2015-16: online appointments were 80% asynchronous and 20% synchronous

Fall to Fall Comparison

Figure 2 provides a closer comparison of Fall 2016 and Fall 2015. Fall 2016 appointments have more than doubled (71% increase) since last fall, with both types of appointments increasing and our percentage of synchronous appointments increasing by 15%. The percentage gap between synchronous and asynchronous appointments has also decreased by 30%.

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Figure 2. Data Comparison of Fall 2016 and Fall 2015.

Image Description. Figure 2 is an infographic with a vertical bar graph, to the left of 3 icons that emphasize additional statistics. The bar graph shows the following data:

  • Fall 2016: 144 total online appointments, with 83 asynchronous and 61 synchronous
  • Fall 2015: 60 total online appointments, with 44 asynchronous and 16 synchronous

The icons emphasize the following increases for Fall 2016:

  • +84 total online appointments (blue icon with calendar)
  • +55 synchronous appointments (red icon with overlapping chat bubbles)
  • +39 asynchronous appointments (green icon with comment bubble)