The following is the transcript for the “Overview of Microsoft Word” video that consultants could watch at any time during Asynchronous Online Training. To protect consultant and student privacy, the video cannot be shared publicly at this time.

Video Transcript

[Jenelle] Hi, everyone! This video will give you a brief overview of how to use Microsoft Word. First, we will talk about the tools you can use to interact with your student and then we will talk about how to remove your personal information from the document.

In Microsoft Word, inserting comments is a helpful feature and is necessary to completing an asynchronous appointment. In recent versions of Word, you can add comments in several different ways. You can select text, right-click, and select “New Comment.” You can go to the “Insert” tab at the top and select “Comment.” Or you can go to the “Review” tab and select “New Comment.” Under the “Review” tab, you can also navigate between comments by selecting “previous” or “next” and delete all comments in the document automatically. You can reply to your comments by selecting the symbol in the upper right corner of your comment bubble. You can also delete an individual comment by right-clicking and selecting “Delete Comment.”

Under the “Home” tab, you can make formatting changes, such as highlighting and changing the color of the text. Just select the text you want to highlight and then choose your color.

For accessibility, you can add headings and heading styles to a document under the Styles menu.

In the bottom right of the document, you can zoom in or out to increase the size of the text.

If you want to model a change for a student, go back to the “Review” tab and select “Track Changes.” This feature will mark any changes with color and a comment bubble, allowing the student to accept or reject your changes. To see all of your changes, make sure that “All Markup” is selected at the top.

Microsoft Word will mark any comments or Track Changes with your name, associated with your computer or your Microsoft Word account. Before you email this document back to the student, remove your personal information so they do not know your last name. Go to “File” and on the main “Info” page, select “Check for Issues” and select “Inspect Document.” Then click “Inspect” again. Microsoft will say at the top of this llist that the document contains personal information about the author. Next to this option, select “Remove All.” Then return to your document and save it. When you hover over your comments, your name should change to just say “Author” or something similar.

Now you can email the document back to the student.

Thanks for watching!